What is a collocation?


The definition of collocation refers to a group of words that often go together or that are likely to occur together.

Two words which go together such as night owl, early bird, light sleeper or profitable business are examples of collocation.

If you use random words without checking whether the collocation is correct, you will end up with serious mistakes and you may be misunderstood. Additionally, English native speakers will immediately know that you are English is quite poor.

For instance, if you say do a mistake instead of make a mistake, you will, of course, prove that your English is far from perfect. It is very important to pay attention to collocations, especially when you use new words for the first time. Undoubtedly, you need to know how to use words in a sentence, both in spoken and in written English.

In the table below, I will show you collocations of the word business used as a noun.

To find out the collocations of specific words, I recommend this excellent, free dictionary, a very useful tool for students at Upper-Intermediate to Advanced level. Go there and check every new word when you write serious essays and when you learn new vocabulary. Your English will become fluent much faster.

Online Collocation Dictionary

Online Collocation Dictionary

Download free pdf with business collocations.

Business collocations


Change informal English into formal business language

Formal English is used in formal, business or academic situations, for example, in official documents, research, academic essays, articles, business letters, emails, official speeches or in the office.

Informal English is used in everyday conversations between friends, family members, in social media groups or comments, personal letters etc.

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