5 reasons why you need online tutoring in 2022/2023

  1. Saving time and money

In 2022 everyone feels the economic impact of the pandemic and inflation. We look for new ways and ideas on how to save money in everyday life. Online tutoring is one of them. Why? Because you save money on travelling to your tutor and also your tutor saves money on travelling to you. That’s why online lessons are cheaper than face-to-face lessons. Moreover, you also save precious time because you can learn at home, at school, in the cafe, or wherever you are if only you have the internet access and your laptop. It gives you great flexibility and freedom.

  1. Access to professional tutors from around the world

Online tutoring gives you an amazing opportunity to meet high-quality and experienced tutors from all around the world. This is very easy and it can broaden your horizons. It is also a chance to meet new people from a different culture and country than yours.

  1. You can learn from every place in the world

No matter if you are at home, if you visit your relative, or if you are on holiday, you can learn English online anytime and anywhere. All you need is your computer or smartphone and access to the internet. That’s it. This is one of the biggest advantages of online tutoring. In the world of busy schedules, lack of free time, and constant rush, learning online is the greatest solution for employees, students, pupils, and anyone, who would like to learn English.

  1. Health and Safety

In the modern world, aspects like health and safety are very important for many people who prefer to meet online instead of meeting people face-to-face. Online tutoring is the most excellent way of learning and keeping safe, especially during the flu season.

  1. Online materials and folders

Online tutoring is based on plans, materials, books, and folders which can be stored on your computer and online. You don’t have to print everything and keep hundreds of sheets of paper on your desk. It saves your time, space, and also the environment!


Online tutoring and learning English online is a great opportunity to learn English from anywhere in the world and meet new people from different countries. What is more and also very important, it saves your time and money because you don’t have to commute to meet with your private tutor.


What is a collocation?


The definition of collocation refers to a group of words that often go together or that are likely to occur together.

Two words which go together such as night owl, early bird, light sleeper or profitable business are examples of collocation.

If you use random words without checking whether the collocation is correct, you will end up with serious mistakes and you may be misunderstood. Additionally, English native speakers will immediately know that you are English is quite poor.

For instance, if you say do a mistake instead of make a mistake, you will, of course, prove that your English is far from perfect. It is very important to pay attention to collocations, especially when you use new words for the first time. Undoubtedly, you need to know how to use words in a sentence, both in spoken and in written English.

In the table below, I will show you collocations of the word business used as a noun.

To find out the collocations of specific words, I recommend this excellent, free dictionary, a very useful tool for students at Upper-Intermediate to Advanced level. Go there and check every new word when you write serious essays and when you learn new vocabulary. Your English will become fluent much faster.

Online Collocation Dictionary

Online Collocation Dictionary

Download free pdf with business collocations.

Business collocations


Change informal English into formal business language

Formal English is used in formal, business or academic situations, for example, in official documents, research, academic essays, articles, business letters, emails, official speeches or in the office.

Informal English is used in everyday conversations between friends, family members, in social media groups or comments, personal letters etc.

Download pdf file for your own use and share this page with your friends to help them learn faster.

Why reading books can improve your English

Reading books can improve your English

Reading books in English doesn’t have to be difficult and impossible. Even if your level of language is basic, you can start reading books for children and simple stories which can help you understand simple sentences and words.

What are the pros of reading in English?

1. Developing vocabulary

When you read books in English, it is a great opportunity to check how the words are used and in which context. What is more, by reading you remember more new words and you see how to use these words correctly in a sentence. It doesn’t mean that you have to check the meaning of every new word in every sentence of the book because it isn’t necessary to understand every single word. What is important is to understand the plot and general purpose of the story.

2. Developing grammar

Reading in English is not only about learning new words. It is also a chance to learn collocations, structures, and grammar without memorizing boring rules.  

3. Developing confidence

When you are able to read books in English, your confidence develops and you start to think in a different language. It is a great feeling if you understand an English book even if it is a story for children. You can start with simple stories and then read more complex ones adequate to your language level.

If your English level lets you read novels, it is a good idea to start by watching a movie based on a novel and then reading a book. It can help you understand the plot better. Another idea is to read a novel in your native language first and then the same book in English. If you are not ready to read a full book, short stories will be the best choice for you. Remember to select books and choose the right book for your level of English. Reading books or novels which are too difficult, can cause frustration. 

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