If you would like to see beautiful places in Great Britain, check my YouTube channel called lovescotland to travel virtually all over Scotland and some other places. You will see beautiful Scottish architecture, nature, customs, music bands, pipers, and so on. Let’s start with Glen Coe, wonderful, Scottish mountains.



The link below will take you to a great platform with various presentations on endless, interesting topics in English. It’s a fantastic way to improve your listening and speaking skills. There is a transcript for each presentation so you can read it, copy it and work with new vocabulary to help you understand what is being said, but also to improve your speaking and pronunciation. It’s highly recommended for every student of English as a second language.



Did you know?

The English language has thousands of idioms, most of which are informal. English learners usually have a hard time understanding an idiom’s real meaning without referring to an idiomatic dictionary. To make things easier for the learners, we will be adding interesting idioms here.

1. Barking up the wrong tree – Looking in the wrong place.

2. Call a spade a spade – To speak the truth, even to the point of being blunt and rude.

3. Keep an eye on something or someone : watch something or someone closely. Keep an eye on my daughter, she can be quite naughty.